Alex Richards
Product Designer

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Product Designer at Bilue.


Building websites; freelancing.


Contract designer at the Institute of Data, an education and career services provider in Australia that specialises in data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning and cyber security.

Completed a full rebrand for the company, including the design and launch of their new website.

New Website Rebrand

Product designer at GoCatch, an Australian ridesharing platform.

Projects included the design for both the GoCatch passenger and driver apps, rewards loyalty programme, online web booking form, concierge platform for business, GoCatch website and GoCatch Shop eCommerce website.

Passenger App GoCatch Rewards

I’m a digital-focused product designer who likes to create elegant digital experiences across app and web platforms.

With a background in the ridesharing and mobility industry, I gravitate towards aesthetically simple, modern and forward-thinking solutions that transform the way users interact with digital services.

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